How I Found My Inner Child at Razor Sports

young child on a drift cart at Razor Sports

by Brooke Mundell

Could there be anything better than laughing out loud and enjoying a fun, interactive activity in an exciting family-friendly environment?

I recently took my family to a Crazy Cart drifting session at Razor Sports and we had an incredible experience.

The Scene

Their location is at Ka Makana Ali’i Center on the Macy’s wing, between Macy’s and Hawaii’s Finest Mall. As soon as we stepped inside this local gem, the staff greeted us warmly. The place was buzzing with excitement, and we were surrounded by happy faces. Every wall was adorned with a vibrant hand-painted mural, and we could barely hold on to our anticipation and have our crazy cart adventure.

The Experience

After filling out the safety waiver, we were fitted with head socks and picked from a wide variety of fun helmets.

The staff delivered a short but clear safety brief and set each of us up on our very own Crazy Cart. Crazy Carts are for keiki six years old and up including adults! They also offer Shift Carts for ages 3-5. The Carts and courses allow children to drive with their parents or other family members.

The carts were simple to operate and took off with the perfect gradual acceleration. I have never ridden a Go Cart in my life, but I felt like a pro after two laps. The carts were easy to use and with only three parts, the gas pedal, lever and steering wheel, there was a minimal learning curve required.

The bright yellow course was a cascading continuation of weaving turns. We were immediately mesmerized while drifting the carts around each zig-zagging corner. The entire experience was the perfect mix of speed and technicality. Each drift session lasted around 12-15 minutes. There was an exhilarating sense of freedom while moving around the track.

staff placing helmet on child
Choose from a variety of fun helmets.

The Aftereffects

The whole experience left the kids (and parents) smiling from ear to ear. Go carting is a great outlet for kids, and a therapeutic way for the whole family to let off some steam.

So the next time you find yourself wishing for some thrilling entertainment for the whole family, check out Razor Sports.

When you walk into this magical place, no matter your age, you will leave with a new appreciation for play.

parent and child on Crazy Carts
Adults can ride Crazy Carts too.

“When we join children in their world of play, we unlock the door to their inner lives and meet them heart to heart.” ~Lawrence Cohen

The Extras

Yes, Razor Sports has a designated party room for occasions such as birthdays, work parties, or just about any event that would call for fun and enjoyment. For all packages booked in the evening, you can upgrade to cosmic drifting.

Razor Sports offers fundraising options! Call for details.

Adult Crazy Carts!
Parents don’t have to sit on the sidelines. Join in on the fun with your keiki!

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